Rules for passengers carriage

Ticket is a nominal document for bus travel and can not be transferred to another person, it is valid up to departure date and departure time as indicated on the ticket. Passengers are entitled to two times free to change the date of departure. The ticket is forbidden to make any corrections. All changes must be confirmed by the seal of the company that made them. A ticket with an open return date is valid for 6 months from the date of departure. A passenger who has a ticket with a fixed date countdown starting obliged to confirm his departure no later than 48 hours before departure (excluding weekends). If not confirmed the company reserves the right to sell this place without monetary compensation to the passenger. Seats in the bus are indicated by the representative of our company when boarding. The places indicated by some other agent are not valid.

Money back for unused trip

Money for unused trip can be returned only where the ticket was purchased. The basis for compensation is a form (ticket) with all the humps and cover. Money for unused back trip returns with minus 15% of cost.

Transportation of luggage

Each passenger is entitled to one piece of baggage transportation 40x60x80 sm size, weighing up to 30kg for 1 person and hand luggage weighing up to 5 kg (baggage conditions vary depending of the country). If you exceed the data limits for weight and size of luggage extra payment for excess baggage. Additional luggage is transported in the presence of free space in the luggage compartment. For additional baggage paid to 1 €/kg. The company is not carrying oversized luggage (for example refrigerators, etc.). The carrier is not responsible for hand luggage. The carrier responsible for damaged luggage in luggage compartment only if it was the fault of the carrier that brought the passenger, but not exceeding the amount of 100 Euro per person and if passenger submitted an application no later than 10 days after the departure of the bus. Forbidden to transport luggage that threatens the health or safety of other passengers. The carrier is not liable for any loss of passenger money, jewelry, documents, securities, collection items, items that have scientific value and other items that are not in the luggage compartment. Passenger is personally responsible for the legality of its own baggage. When complications at the frontier firm carrier has the right to refuse to perform duties on transportation of luggage and continue the voyage without of this luggage. Transportation of animals and plants is prohibited.

It is forbidden to carry

Common requirements

Passengers should arrive at the landing no later than 30 minutes before the bus departure. Passenger is responsible himself for being late. During the trip smoking, taking alcohol and drugs in a bus or in bus toilet is prohibited. If passenger is not meet of these requirements the company reserves the right to remove the passenger from the trip without monetary compensation. Bus crew can refuse to transport passengers in case of:

The passenger is responsible for material damages caused to the carrier by his guilt.

Children and young people under 16 years old can only travel accompanied by an adult. For crossings children under 16 years accompanied by a parent, travelers must present at passport control original notarized permission to leave the child abroad from the second parent. If the child travels accompanied by both parents, there is no need for the presence of this permission.

The carrier is not liable to the passenger for availability and accuracy of documents entitling to cross the frontiers of the route. Carrier is not liable for violations of customs or immigration passenger rules. If you violate passengers of visa (visa expires, replacement passport other document, etc.) the carrier reserves the right to deny carriage for passengers. The money for unused tickets are not returned. If the passenger does not adhere to customs and frontier regulations will be detained at the frontier and this will cause a delay, the bus crew has the right to continue the trip without the passenger under the bus schedule without fare compensation.

The carrier is not liable for delays when driving and untimely arrival at the following stations if it contributed circumstances beyond his control (including delays during the passage of frontiers, weather conditions, traffic congestion, actions of public authorities, repair works on roads, etc., actions of passengers, affecting the performance of this circumstances) and other reasons (technical problems that arose with the bus on the move, which could not be prevented by carrier).

The Company is not liable for breach of passengers of the frontier and passport control.